Happy Father's Day: Woodbridge dad turns 100

A Woodbridge man celebrated Father's Day Sunday, along with a very special milestone.
Five children, 12 grandchildren, and 13 great-grandchildren surrounded Mark Gredinger with love for his 100th birthday celebration.
Some people say Special K cereal is Gredinger's secret to longevity, but if you ask Gredinger, it's his wife, Marilyn.
"She's the secret because she takes very good care of me," he says. "Very good care. We love each other very much."
Even at 100 years old, Gredinger's memory is so sharp it amazes his children. What is even more amazing is his physical strength. Gredinger played tennis into his 80s.
The icing on the cake -- his 100th birthday is also Father's Day.
"I have a poem I'm going to recite a little later," says his son Martin Gredinger. "I do that every year for Father's Day and for his birthday. And it was a little bit more sentimental this year. It's nice to just have everyone together."