‘Hate has no home here.’ Signs for white supremacist group removed in Winsted

Signs promoting a white supremacist group were removed from utility poles in Winsted Tuesday after appearing over the holiday weekend, said Winchester Town Manager Josh Kelly.
Kelly told News 12 he was headed home Monday after a long weekend away when he heard from someone about a disturbing sign along Main Street in Winsted, which is part of Winchester. It was high up on a utility pole and promoted Patriot Front.
“It’s a group that spreads white supremacist ideology,” Kelly said. “I have worked really hard to try and make Winchester and this town hall as inclusive and as welcoming a place as possible.”
Kelly said he tried to take down the sign himself when he got back Monday night, but it was placed too high on the utility pole. The Public Works Department was off for Labor Day, so they took it down Tuesday morning, Kelly said. That's when they found a second sign in East End Park.
“It was certainly shocking to me to see the signs in the first place, especially with such bold obvious fascist symbolism,” Kelly told News 12.
Kelly said the person or people who put up the signs might not even be from Winsted since that corridor is very busy, being the crossroads of Route 44 and Route 8. Winsted police are now investigating.
According to the Anti-Defamation League, Patriot Front is one of the country's most visible white supremacist groups and is "focused on preserving America's identity as a European-American nation."
In March, its stickers were also found in Westport.
The ADL said the group was responsible for most of the propaganda incidents in Connecticut last year.
“I'm really disheartened that somebody would put this up in the first place. Hate doesn't have a home here from my perspective, so we're going to keep looking to push these hateful messages away,” Kelly said.