Hawley Lane Shoes co-founder sent kids to summer camp as dying wish

David Levy, a business owner in western Connecticut, lost his mother one year ago. He is honoring her legacy by paying forward to local children.
Sandy Levy, 79, co-founded Hawley Lane Shoes with her brother Bob Smolensky in 1975. She had what some might call an unusual way of doing business.
"Sandy was the type of person that would put her hand on your shoulder and say, 'I'm going to take care of you today'," said co-owner Joe Gardia.
Her business strategy must have worked because Hawley Lane Shoes went on to become a successful chain with stores across the region.
News 12's Frank Recchia spoke with David about how she helped Bridgeport kids, who wouldn't have otherwise had the opportunity, attend summer camp.
He is planning to expand his mother's dream by helping kids from other areas spend their summers at camp too.