Hearing on Black Rock development plan scrapped again, leaving residents ‘mad as hell’

A hearing on proposed apartment development in Bridgeport was canceled yet again, leaving residents in Black Rock fuming mad.
They say proposed hearings have been canceled six separate times. The Planning and Zoning meeting was called off altogether Monday.
The plan includes a four-story apartment building along with storefronts on Fairfield Avenue, and a similar development down the road.
These residents say they are worried people and vehicles would overwhelm the area. But beyond that, they say they are suspicious about the number of times the hearing they have been gearing up for has been canceled.
“It's pretty horrific,” said Donna Curran, with Scale Back Black Rock. “We started this whole thing being mad as hell back in January. This is just egregious game playing.”
News 12 met one man at City Hall who said he was a member of Planning and Zoning but would not comment on the reason for the cancellation.