High gas prices hitting the high seas

The jump in gas prices ? up 11 cents nationwide in just the past two weeks on the street ? is hitting the high seas.
The price at the fuel dock at Rex Marine Stores at Norwalk Cove is $3.69 a gallon. Some boaters say that?s reasonable, while others say it will put a dent in their wallets. Scott Martin, of the Rex Marine Stores, said gas prices for boaters are usually 50 cents higher than on the road. Martin adds that it will probably get worse before it gets better.
?I will probably see at least another 10-cent rise within the next week,? Martin said.
For some recreational boaters, they say the high gas prices will mean less traveling this summer. For local fishermen and die-hard boaters, not even a $300 fill-up will keep them on the docks. Some boaters are preparing themselves for the possibility of $5 a gallon.
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