Chilly temperatures overnight in Connecticut, scattered shower returns on Wednesday

Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Michele Powers says Connecticut should see lots of sun today before rain shower returns for the first half of Wednesday.

News 12 Staff

Apr 23, 2024, 8:33 PM

Updated 25 days ago


NOW: Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Michele Powers says some rain is on the way on Tuesday night and into Wednesday. A cold front is on the way.
LOOK TO THE SKY: A full pink moon on Tuesday night.
NEXT: Possible isolated thunderstorms on Wednesday with a cold front later in the day. Cooler and breezy weather will follow for Thursday. Temperatures will return to normal this weekend with a chance of more showers. Next week will bring warmer temperatures.
WEDNESDAY: Cloudy with early showers. High 65.
THURSDAY: Sunny, breezy and cooler. High 56.
FRIDAY: Sunny. High 58.
SATURDAY: Partly sunny. Showers in the evening. High 60.
SUNDAY: Mostly cloudy to partly sunny. High 70.
MONDAY: Sunny and cloudy. High 74.
TUESDAY: Partly cloudy. High 70.

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