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Hiring a caregiver for remote learning? Address pandemic safety with these 5 questions

In addition to the regular screening questions, Care.com suggests that parents also address pandemic safety with five questions.

News 12 Staff

Sep 21, 2020, 8:00 AM

Updated 1,370 days ago


As parents start getting their students ready for home schooling or remote learning with the help of a caregiver, they will also have to start thinking of extra questions they will have to ask related to COVID-19.
Care.com recommends that parents do all their pre-screening by phone or video conferencing in order to keep everyone safe and healthy.
In addition to the regular screening questions, Care.com suggests that parents also address pandemic safety with the five questions below:
1. Can you follow these hand-washing and hygiene practices?
Have kids wash hands or use hand sanitizer before going outside and after coming back inside, before and after eating, after using potty and after being caught with hands in noses or mouths.
Encourage kids not to put hands or toys in their mouths.
Wash any toys that kids put in their mouths either right away or once they're done playing with them.
Minimize the kids' sharing of food, utensils, water bottles, snack cups and anything else that goes in their mouths.
2. Are you comfortable following the current limitations when caring for kids outside the house?
Practice physical distancing at least six feet from other people when outside the home.
Play in the backyard or on the front porch and walking/scooting are the preferred outdoor activities.
Parks may be OK, but make sure to check with local authorities, as the situation changes daily. Make sure to use hand sanitizer after!
Playgrounds should be avoided.
No indoor or outdoor activities in group settings for now. This means no libraries, bookstores, restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, movie theaters, sports practices, swim lessons, etc.
No play dates.
3. Do you agree to communication around illness or symptoms?
Parents will communicate if they, or the children, get sick.
As part of the two-way communication parents expect with their caregiver, they should also ask their nanny to keep them posted regarding their health.
The caregiver agrees to report any symptoms of illness (including cough, sore throat, fever) so, together with the family, everyone can make a determination about whether it's OK to come to work.
If one of the kids seems sick, the nanny should let the parents know right and take their temperature as soon as possible.
You may also consider checking in with your caregiver each day to make sure they are fever free and have not developed any new signs of potential illness.
4. Can you agree to disclose any travel outside the area?
5. Will you agree to wear a mask?
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention suggests that caregivers wear a cloth mask over nose and mouth, in combination with physical distancing, hand-washing and everyday preventive actions.
Source: Care.com

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