Historic house slated for demolition gets new life in Southport

A house in historic Southport was ready to be demolished by its owner until a neighbor offered to take it off their hands.
The 5,000-square-foot reproduction farmhouse made a three-day journey to its new home two backyards away, to 153 Willow St.
The house's new owner, John Koren, says he heard his new neighbor was planning to demolish it. He was in the market for a guest house on his own property.
Koren says saving the historic home from the landfill saves his neighbor from having to wreck a house and him from having to build one.
Wolfe House & Building Moving spent Monday moving the entire building several hundred yards, building a steel track for the 180-ton structure as they went. They'll spend all day Tuesday turning it 90 degrees.
Koren says he hopes to have the house on its new foundation by Wednesday.