How 2 Connecticut friends transformed a Ford truck into a nostalgic mobile bar business

Co-owners Nicholas Khun and Greg Zach always wanted to start a mobile bar with a nostalgic feel.
The two friends started with just an idea, they then found the perfect truck, outfitted it with taps and started Classic Pour
The two say they enjoy serving up cold pints with a slice of classic American history. But it’s not restricted to just beer. Khun says they serve all kinds of cocktails, nitro brew coffee and even non-alcoholic drinks for children.
The mobile bar is a 1950 Ford F2 that used to serve as work equipment in a corn farm in Nebraska.
“There’s a lot that’s going on in the world. Everything is so fast-paced now that I think it’s like grassroots. It brings you back. It’s an old Ford truck, Ford is a symbol of America, and a beer. It doesn’t get much better than that,” said Kuhn.
The two friends found the 1950 Ford F2 on Facebook Marketplace.
Khun said the original owner avoided the WWI draft after his parents passed away, handing the farm over to him.
“We always thought the antique history vintage side was always really cool,” said Khun.
Zach and Khun did some research and relied on their own knowledge to build the box and outfit the taps, the project came together in the summer of 2023.
“I had an idea of how I wanted to set up the taps, but as far as putting that together and finding a system that works without it having to be refrigerated was a huge problem,” said Khun.
Classic Pour says it can push pretty much anything through the taps, not just beer and they can be at any location.
To learn more about the business and the owners you can check them out on Instagram.