How do CT students feel about the possibility of masking up again in the fall?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending that all students and staff be fully masked when school begins in a few weeks, regardless of vaccination status.
Some students say they wouldn't be surprised if they must wear masks when they go back to class, but no decision from the governor's office about will happen has been made. He signaled in a press conference Tuesday he's leaning toward letting school districts mandate their policies.
"You can't count on everyone being vaccinated, and I think it is a lot safer to be more cautions, so we don't have to face another version of last year," said Tessa Treglia, of Danbury.
"I think each school district is going to decide what is best for their district and everybody is going to follow suit, I think the kids that can be vaccinated should not be required to wear masks," said Guy Ferreira, of Norwalk.
"I prefer not to wear a mask but if someone tells me to of course I am going to, it doesn't restrict or harm me in any way, so I don't see a problem with it," said Joshua Roos, of Danbury.
"I think you should wear a mask in school because even though the virus is getting better, it could happen again," Sohana Reed of Southport said.