How placing money on games like the Super Bowl can lead to gambling addiction

Placing money on the big game is part of experiencing the Super Bowl, but experts say placing bets on sports can become a problem.
Dr. Marc Potenza, from Yale University School of Medicine, says it's a disorder than can develop within anyone, but when it comes to sports gambling, the most vulnerable are those most interested in sports.
"Gambling more money than they can afford, getting into debt, getting into fights or disagreements with family members, spouses," Potenza said. "People not disclosing how much they are gambling."
Similar to substance abuse disorder, people can have different motivations for gambling; a common one is the rush or thrill they get from knowing that money is on the line.
"Young men, adolescents, and young adults...and those individuals that are very much involved in sports either have played sports in high school or college," said Potenza.
Potenza said that some people believe that watching a game is incomplete unless they have placed a bet on the sports event.
He suggests setting limits on both time and money when placing a bet.
There are resources for those in need of help.
Anyone in need can contact the Connecticut gambling hotline at 1-888-789-7777 or here.