Hunts Point residents: Traffic stinks due to fish market

The addition of the bustling Fulton Fish Market has made driving through parts of Hunts Point a living hell, according to some residents.
An exit ramp to the Major Deegan Expressway leads into 134th Street, flooding the area with truck traffic. Residents complain traffic was a problem before, but it's tripled since the popular market relocated from Manhattan. They say trucks often come barreling down 134th Street.
"A couple of months ago, a truck ... knocked down a utility pole and knocked [out] electricity on the block," a concerned resident said.
Residents say the problem of speeding is worse than the heavy traffic. They argue traffic lights are too far away from the exit ramp, allowing drivers to race through the area. They want the Department of Transportation to install speed bumps or traffic lights.
The DOT counters the problem has to do with police enforcement. According to the DOT, cops aren?t enforcing truck route rules. The agency says 134th Street between Willis Avenue and Brown Place is not a truck route, therefore trucking companies need to obtain maps of the correct routes from the DOT.