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'I hope he has some remorse.' 2017 deadly shooting suspect appears before judge in Bridgeport

A man accused in a deadly shooting in Bridgeport that happened in 2017 appeared before a judge today.

News 12 Staff

Apr 6, 2022, 4:44 PM

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A man accused in a deadly shooting in Bridgeport appeared before a judge Wednesday.
Shardel Ragin, 34, is facing murder charges in the 2017 fatal shooting of Max Antoine, just a few hundred feet from 999 Broad St., the seat of government in Connecticut's biggest city.
Antonie's family, who is from Stamford, put pressure on city police year after year to solve the case, and say they are now finally receiving their first taste of justice.
"I hope he has some remorse and I hope he tells the truth and tells everything that happened that night so we all can have closure and have clarity of what happened," said Antonie's brother Wilner Joseph.
Joseph denied reports his brother was killed in retaliation of a previous shooting.
"Some of the stuff that's in the news, it's inaccurate. There was no retaliation. My brother was an innocent bystander leaving a nightclub in Bridgeport, was accidentally shot to death," he said.
Police say the motive was believed to be retaliation stemming from Ragin and his wife being shot in 2016. But Joseph says Ragin was aiming at a different person also exiting the restaurant, and shot his brother by mistake.
Joseph said throughout the five years of waiting, he never lost faith, but he struggled keeping his composure in the court room Wednesday.
"It was frustrating because, you know, this man not just took my brother's life, he took someone else's life and he was just walking the streets -- he got married, he had a baby and he was living his life like a normal human being, which is sick," said Joseph.

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