Instagram post prompts police to jump into action

An Instagram post by a Wilton High School student Tuesday morning prompted police to jump into action.
Police say the student posted a photo of himself on Instagram holding a BB gun with the words 'don't come to school Monday.'
Police stepped up patrols and will do the same Wednesday. Police say because they found the teen Tuesday morning there was no need for a lockdown at the school.
Police say they found out this morning about the picture that was posted Sunday. Detectives determined where the student lived and seized the BB gun along with an airsoft rifle.
Officials say the situation illustrates why social media posts suggesting violence are no joke.
"One of the takeaways here for kids is to think twice about what you are putting out there," says Capt. Robert Cipolla. "Unfortunately something that may have been thought of as a silly act can have really lasting repercussions."
Many residents agreed saying the post has to be taken seriously after everything that has happened in the country.
Others weren't as concerned about the post.
Police say they will continue to investigate, but there's no word yet as to whether any charges will be filed.