'It's the city of second chances.' Ex-Bridgeport police chief released from prison

A former Bridgeport chief of police who was convicted for his role in rigging the police chief exam was released from prison early.
A.J. Perez served about eight months of his year and a day sentence in a medium security federal prison.
Perez was sentenced in April 2021 where the judge also handed down two years of supervised release, fines, restitution to the city and 100 hours of community service.
Perez took full responsibility when he was sentenced.
Some people in the Bridgeport community News 12 spoke with say they believe he's done his time and want to welcome him back.
"He made a mistake and I understand that, but in Bridgeport - it's the city of second chances," said City Clerk Lydia Martinez. "So I would hope the community and everyone in general, everyone thinks about that – that he is someone that is coming back and that he deserves a second chance, and the people will remember all the good things he did for the community and Bridgeport."
State Sen. Dennis Bradley, who is currently facing several counts of wire fraud but upholds his innocence, says this sheds light on accountability for public officials.
"I know that when A.J. was in a similar situation, he understands full right what his duties are and if he breached those duties," said Bradley. "As you can see, he has the integrity to say 'I did something wrong here,' and he plead guilty to those charges."
News 12 reached out to Perez's attorney to find out why he was released four months early but has not heard back.