JFK Elementary School custodian adds paintings to hallways

A custodian is adding art to the hallways at John F. Kennedy Elementary School.
Michael Kuffo was a student at the West Babylon school himself before becoming the custodian.
"Even as a student, as a child, he was always caring, thoughtful, conscientious and hardworking," says Diana Marshall, a speech language teacher at JFK Elementary.
Kuffo recently traded in his mop for a paint brush, saying he wanted to illuminate the halls with his artwork.
"I drew it down on a piece of paper and next thing I knew it was on the wall," Kuffo says.
The custodian creates paintings of books like Harry Potter, Dr. Seuss and Charlotte's Web with staff members' names on them.
After a school year during a pandemic, Kuffo is giving everyone a reason to stop and appreciate things.
"They're always talking about it," says Lauren Florz, librarian at JFK Elementary. "Like 'I love that book, my mom just read that to me,' or even the staff like, 'Oh my child loved that book growing up.'"
Kuffo's paintings started when he drew a snowman on the window of the nurse's office.
He has also painted another mural at another elementary school in the district.