Join the club: Greenwich teenager's GirlGolf nonprofit aims to grow the sport

A Greenwich teenager and nonprofit CEO held a golf club drive on Saturday to benefit middle school girls.

Tom Krosnowski and Robyn Karashik

Mar 30, 2024, 11:16 PM

Updated 116 days ago


A Greenwich teenager and nonprofit CEO held a golf club drive on Saturday to benefit middle school girls.
Claire Yu is the captain of the Rye Country Day School girl’s golf team, as well as the founder of GirlGolf Inc. She said she founded Girl Golf after she noticed that few of her peers were partaking in the sport. She wanted to do her part to get more girls on the course, starting with outreach to middle school girls.
The 17-year-old is an ace on the golf course – she said she swings at about 92 mph. She attributes her interest in the sport to her family.
“My dad used to drag me out onto the course. During COVID, I really found a love for golf. My brother, we played together a lot, especially during COVID. It was really fun, I thought it was a good bonding experience for us,” said Yu.
Yu said she didn’t see many golfers like her until she reached tournaments.
“Obviously, it’s very expensive. I think that it has a reputation as an old man’s sport. It is physically taxing,” said Yu.
The drive was the unofficial kickoff for GirlGolf and a great way for Yu to engage with young girls in the community.
“A lot of people just have these lying around in their garage and they just want to get rid of it. But for some people this can be really valuable,” said Yu.
GirlGolf is all about being beginner-friendly, but the gear these girls are starting off with is top-of-the-line.
“The clubs are sparkling. The donor said these have never been used before. TaylorMade just came out with this new technology this spring,” said Yu. “A lot of these bags also have golf balls and stuff, which is great. We can collect those and give them away. We’re really taking anything."
They’re also helping all skill levels. It all culminates in the GirlGolf Extravaganza in May.
“It’s going to be completely free, we’re trying to get every girl leaving with a golf bag,” said Yu. “Having a network of girls who also played golf, that was really helpful to me…I want to make the events more competitive, more girls at every club playing.”
The drive received more than 20 bags and 100 clubs. Any that are too big will be exchanged. Donations can be made online.

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