Judge restricts Fotis Dulos’ bond release; calls violation a ‘second strike’

<p>Fotis Dulos will appear in court Thursday for the first time since posting a $6 million bond on a murder charge stemming from the disappearance of his estranged wife, Jennifer Dulos.</p>

News 12 Staff

Jan 23, 2020, 10:20 AM

Updated 1,585 days ago


Judge Gary White revoked the work condition from the terms of Fotis Dulos’ bond release Thursday due to a violation that he called a “second strike.”
Fotis Dulos has been on house arrest since posting bond on charges of murder, felony murder and kidnapping in his missing estranged wife's death. He was allowed to leave his home for medical and legal visits, church services and approved work meetings.
It was one of those allowed work meetings last week when a violation occurred. State's Attorney Rich Colangelo said on Fotis Dulos' way home, he made an unapproved stop. Colangelo says Fotis Dulos got out of his car and removed items that were part of a memorial to Jennifer Dulos at the end of his road.
“What he did was stupid. Don't do it again,” said Judge White, who was filling in for Judge John Blawie.
Lead defense attorney Norm Pattis admitted Fotis Dulos should not have done so but said a stern admonishment would be enough. He also argued this wasn't a memorial but a means of taunting his client, organized by those on social media convinced of his guilt.
“They are encouraging people to place items outside his home,” said Pattis. “I'm not sure what that's about. It might be harassment in any other context. I remind the supporters – Jennifer is missing. She may be presumed dead as far as they're concerned but we've yet to see persuasive evidence of that.” 
In court, Dulos waived his right to a probable cause hearing in the case. He also pleaded not guilty to the most recent charges and asked for a jury trial.
The first “strike” against Dulos happened in September when Dulos was brought into court for not properly charging his GPS ankle monitor.
Pattis said he hopes the case will go to trial in September.

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