Lamont: Settlement between state, Eversource a win for customers impacted by Isaias

Gov. Ned Lamont and Attorney General William Tong announced a $103.4 million settlement Friday that will see Eversource refund customers with bill credits for "deficiencies" in the utility's Tropical Storm Isaias response.
The company will pay back $65 million in the form of bill credits, totaling about $35 for the average customer.
Another $10 million is also being set aside to help customers who are behind on their bills.
"Our focus in this process has been on accountability to the ratepayers of Connecticut," said Lamont. "With this settlement, ratepayers get some well-deserved relief in the short-term, and in the long-term they get more security that something like this won't happen again. The reforms to CL&P required in this settlement will provide greater local control and oversight of the local utility, and an improved consumer experience for ratepayers."
Eversource also agreed to essentially lock in current electric rates until 2024.
A spokesperson for Eversource released a statement saying, "This settlement provides tangible relief for our customers as we continue to deal with COVID-19 and prepare for the heating season. The settlement is a reflection of our deep commitment to Connecticut. We learned valuable lessons as a result of Tropical Storm Isaias and we've carried forward numerous improvements that have changed how we communicate during storms. We are intent on winning over 'hearts and minds' in Connecticut by demonstrating our commitment to both customers and Connecticut leadership, at a time when we must work together to deliver a new clean energy future."