Lawsuit over religious freedom and vaccines goes before state Superior Court in Stamford

A lawsuit over religious freedom and vaccines went before the state Superior Court in Stamford Monday.
In 2021, the state Legislature eliminated the religious exemption to vaccine requirements for families that have kids starting school while accepting kids who were already students.
"You know what a super spreader event is," says Gov. Ned Lamont. "I think the Legislature did the right thing."
Now families say that policy is dividing them with older kids able to stay in school and younger siblings excluded. They are suing the state to have that law overturned.
The dispute started long before COVID-19, and the state does not currently require those vaccines for school kids.
"You can rest assured next year or the next two years, the state of Connecticut will put a COVID vaccine mandate for children on the schedule," says attorney Lindy Urso. 
One of the mom's involved in the lawsuit spoke with News 12.

"I try to explain to my kids why he can't go to school with his sister. He's home as she gets on the bus and he cannot get on the bus," says Kiera Spillane, of Orange.  
The judge did not rule on the lawsuit, which maintains the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 should take precedence. Attorneys for the families say they do believe it's a matter of time before COVID-19 vaccines are also required for school children.