Local police forces team up to nab flasher

Police in Redding, Weston and New Milford are working together as they close in on a man they say is responsible for at least three flashing incidents.
Redding police say the most recent incident happened on the Saugatuck footpath near Route 53. A woman was walking with her two young children when they saw a man pull down his pants and begin to masturbate, police say. The man, who wore a light colored cap, then drove off in a green pickup truck, according to police.
Redding police say they located the vehicle and identified the suspect, but did not have enough information to make an arrest. After that, Redding officers started working with the Weston and New Milford police departments, who were working similar cases.
Weston detective say warrants have been taken out. They say a flasher surprised two women last month and the witnesses told them they saw the man drive off in a green pickup also.
Weston Det. Carl Filsinger says in at least two of the three cases, the suspect was wearing a hooded sweatshirt, tightened around his face.
Police believe they?ll have an arrest by next week, but continue to look for new clues. They ask anyone with information to call the Redding Police Department at 203-938-3550.