Made in Connecticut: Gilbertie's Organics in Easton

Gilbertie's Organics in Easton has about 25 acres of workable land and features more than 20 greenhouses.

Rebecca Surran

Jul 25, 2023, 10:35 AM

Updated 358 days ago


Gilbertie's Organics in Easton is one of the largest herb farms in Connecticut, growing more than 200 varieties.
The farm has about 25 acres of workable land and features more than 20 greenhouses.
Gilbertie's is the largest USDA certified organic herb grower in the state. It ships greens and vegetables to grocery stores and restaurants across New England and the tri-state area with Sal Gilbertie at the helm.
Gilbertie's grows more than 300 varieties of micro and baby greens – all from organic seeds. Gilbertie says microgreens are baby greens that come from the seed and grow anywhere from six days to two weeks for harvest. The seeds are placed in specially formulated soil and fed purified water without chemicals.
"When I started to see what was happening with our herbs, that people would go through the garden center and be picking them and you know, having their lunch sort of with the herbs. I knew I couldn't use chemicals," says Gilbertie.
That's when he shifted the company founded by his grandfather, Antonio, to all organic herbs and vegetables.
The farm grows about 34 different varieties of microgreens a year.
All organic also applies to the fields on the property as well. Garlic is one of the farm's biggest crops.
Gilbertie now gets help from Chimee Chureno to help run the farm.
The company also has a garden center in Westport.

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