Man convicted in deadly Father's Day crash in Bridgeport

A man has been convicted in a car crash that killed a Bridgeport man on Father's Day.
David Henshaw, 63, was found guilty Wednesday after police say he crashed into 31-year-old Petey Soto's car, killing him in 2016.
He was convicted on manslaughter, misconduct with a motor vehicle and reckless driving charges.
Police say Henshaw was going 140 mph in a 25 mph zone.
They say Henshaw could never explain why he was going that fast, as they say he wasn't drinking, and there were no mechanical problems with his car. He told the court that he started sneezing and did not remember much else.
Henshaw faces up to 15 years in prison and will be sentenced next month.
Soto's mother, Sonia Henry, was in court for the verdict, and has listened to the graphic details of the crash that split her son’s car in two while he was driving home to spend Father's Day with his children.
"I talk to his pictures and I'm like, "I did it Petey. I didn't fail you," says Henry.
Soto's mother and uncle say they are focusing their energy on Soto's two young kids who are now 6  and 7 years old. Less than a year after Soto's death, their mother was shot and killed. She was the unintended target of a teenager with a gun.
Henry's fight for justice is not over. Last week, Soto's cousin Iris Lopez was killed. Police arrested Lopez's husband and mother-in-law in connection.