Man pleads guilty to killing toddler in July 4th crash

A Monroe man pleaded guilty Tuesday to killing a Bridgeport toddler in a drunk driving crash on July 4th.
Clayton Luf, 41, pleaded guilty to one count of second-degree manslaughter with a motor vehicle. Luf admitted to driving drunk and mowing down 1-year-old Kayanah Brayboy. The deadly crash happened at the corner of Hollister and Connecticut avenues in front of the Connecticut Food Mart.
Police say Luf?s vehicle crashed through a metal fence and pinned the girl beneath his car. They say his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. Brayboy died six days after the accident.
The prosecutor says he?ll recommend that Luf serve seven years in prison when he is sentenced in May. Meanwhile, the Brayboys are suing Luf for wrongful death. That civil case could go to trial next year.
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