Man sentenced for murder of retired Stamford teacher

A man was sentenced Friday to life plus 20 years in prison for the brutal murder of a retired Stamford schoolteacher.
Harry Gonzalez was convicted in early March of cutting the throat of Joanne Trautwein. Gonzalez murdered the 75-year-old in her Rockrimmon Road home during a botched robbery.
Gonzalez's conviction was due in large part to the testimony of his former girlfriend, Jennifer Kos, who was there the night of the murder and held a pillow over the face of Trautwein's roommate. Kos testified in exchange for a reduced prison sentence.
The prosecution asked for the maximum sentence given the nature of the crime and how little remorse Gonzalez showed for his crime. The judge gave Gonzalez a life sentence for the murder and then years each for robbery and kidnapping. Gonzalez signed his right to appeal his conviction.
Gonzalez is also facing charges in New Haven for beating a man to death in a park in October of 2005.
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