Medical examiner: Fentanyl-related overdose deaths up 12 percent in CT

The state's chief medical examiner says the number of overdose deaths related to fentanyl is up 12 percent from last year.
Authorities say they are seeing more use of the drug. Stamford police tell News 12 fentanyl has been exploding on the scene because it's a fraction of the cost of heroin, 100 times more powerful and highly addictive.
Doctors say the drug is designed for cancer patients who are taking opioids to manage their pain.
However, Stamford police say what they are seeing on the streets is coming from China and some labs in homes.
Tony Barr, of Bridgeport, knows about the dangers all too well. He lost two brothers to fentanyl overdoses.
"I'm hurt I don't even know how to face it anymore," says Barr. "You know I wake up every day looking to see my brothers and they're gone."
Police say the best way to stop the overdoses is to educate the youth.