Middle school closed for week after complaints of sickened students, staff

A Westport middle school will be closed for the rest of the week as officials look into what sickened dozens of students and staff.
School officials say that about 50 children from Coleytown Middle School complained of symptoms ranging from headaches to nausea. It was just one day after the school was evacuated when several other students and staff also became ill.
Many parents are blaming mold.
Superintendent Colleen Palmer says that mold was detected in the summer, but the building was remediated and passed inspection.
"We are looking at every aspect of the school. We have no visible mold, we continue to test the mold,” says Palmer. “We have dehumidification to bring the moisture level down to prevent it from growing, but I do understand the concern of our families and students and staff."
Palmer says the school is closed today for Yom Kippur and will remain closed Thursday and Friday for environmental testing.
There will be a special meeting for parents at Bedford Middle School Thursday night.