Mostly clear and cool week ahead in the Hudson Valley

WHAT'S NEW: Temperatures will cool gradually and slightly this week, with a very fall-like feel.
WHAT'S NEXT: Next weekend looks to be very cloudy but not necessarily a washout. 
TROPICS: Hurricane Ian is expected to rapidly intensify into major hurricane status by Tuesday. Western Cuba is under a hurricane warning. Both tropical storm and hurricane watches are posted for parts of the Florida Gulf Coast.  
Storm Watch Team Meteorologist Jake Dolinger says this week will be mostly clear as temperatures slightly fall. 
TUESDAY: Sun mixed with clouds. Highs near 71, lows near 50. 
WEDNESDAY: Mostly sunny. Highs near 69, lows near 49. 
THURSDAY: Slightly cooler, staying sunny. Highs near 67, lows near 48. 
FRIDAY: Staying calm and sunny. Highs near 67, lows near 56. 
SATURDAY: Turning cloudier. Highs near 70, lows near 57.