Milford man taken to hospital after 15-hour standoff with police

Police were called to the home of John Katrick on Home Acres Avenue around 4:30 a.m. Saturday for a noise complaint. When the officers arrived, Katrick turned the music off while remaining inside and refused to speak with officers. 
Almost four hours later, police returned to the residence where they found Katrick burning tires in his backyard. 
Police say Katrick threated to kill the officers if they trespassed on his property. As the officers approached, Katrick went into his residence. As the fire extinguished itself, officers remained at the home. 
Katrick took what officers believed to be a rifle and placed it against a window on the first floor. He closed the shades on the windows after he retrieved the item. 
As officers and additional personnel created a perimeter, officers instructed residents in the neighborhood to either evacuate or shelter in place. 
Crisis negotiators arrived to the home and worked for hours to defuse the situation. 
Police were able to enter the home at around 11 p.m. and took Katrick into custody. He was taken to Yale New Haven Hospital St. Raphael’s campus for psychiatric care. 
After the incident, police say the Special Response Team searched the home and found a booby trap with knives attached to the front door. 
Criminal charges are pending.