Milford parent brings attention to lack of COVID-19 updates in school district

A Milford mother tells News 12 her children's district has not been reporting COVID-19 data online.
Lindsay Ferrara says she has two young children in Milford Public Schools. She says her 5-year-old has an immune disease and long-term lung damage, and she doesn't want her 8-year-old daughter to come home with COVID-19.
"If she brought COVID home, it could kill her little brother," says Ferrara.
Ferrara says sometimes she doesn't hear about COVID-19 cases in Milford schools until two weeks later, while other surrounding towns have reporting dashboards on their websites.
She says she found out later online that there were 11 cases in one classroom.
Ferrara says she has reached out to the school system several times but was unable to get any information. She says Milford cases are also not being reported to the state.
"I'm just not sure how in Milford they don't seem to be reporting cases to the state, which is mandatory. So, as a parent I just want to know where is this data and why isn't it being reported out and shared with us, who are trying to make safe choices for our children," she said.
Milford Public Schools responded to News 12's information request in a statement saying, "Based on a recent inquiry, however, we learned that due to a clerical error on our part, MPS data had not been updated on the state portal for several weeks."
The district says it is now actively working on this problem and could have websites updated as early as Thursday.
They say there has been a delay in reporting sometimes when there is a large number of cases at one school.