Milford police beef up patrols at Connecticut Post Mall in wake of brawls

Milford police employed heavy security at the Connecticut Post Mall Thursday in the wake of a hectic day after Christmas that saw several fights and some injuries.
Milford police say they placed six to eight of their officers at the mall through the weekend. They also will add patrols in the area.
Authorities say several fights broke out in the mall Thursday night among teens. The brawls led to two security guards suffering minor injuries and one juvenile being arrested.
The mall ended up closing around 7:30 p.m. Wednesday, 90 minutes ahead of schedule.
Police do not think the fights were planned, but suspect it was due to kids on school break out looking for something to do.
Fights also broke out in Manchester at the Buckland Hills Mall Wednesday according to police, but they had no direct connection to the issues at the Connecticut Post Mall.