Mom and pop shops hit in the wallet by government shutdown

Planet Pizza is just one store that needed a Small Business Administration loan, but couldn't get one because of the shutdown.

News 12 Staff

Jan 4, 2019, 7:57 PM

Updated 1,989 days ago


Some mom and pop stores in Connecticut are feeling the financial hit from having the federal government shut down.
Planet Pizza in Norwalk just had to spend $12,000 on a new air-conditioning system. The store normally would have sought to get a loan from the Small Business Administration, but because of the shutdown that wasn't possible.
The SBA is closed and is not processing any new loans.
"As you see, nowadays, more and more places are closing," says Dave Kuban, owner of Planet Pizza. "It's getting harder and harder. All the big companies are coming in and pushing the little guys out."
Other things that may be impacted if the shutdown drags on are passports and tax refunds.
"It could go on for months -- literally, if there is no reasonable compromise," says Sen. Richard Blumenthal. "And we're working very hard to find a path forward."
Almost 1,500 federal employees in Connecticut are also hurting since they're not receiving paychecks.

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