Monitor My Health aims to prevent diabetes by promoting healthy living

Despite Diabetes Awareness Month being over, a Bridgeport senior who was diagnosed with the illness five years ago says healthy eating habits should be a year-round priority.
"Diabetes was scary at first when I was diagnosed with it because it's not a disease that runs in my bloodline,” said Thelma Ranger.
Ranger says the nonprofit Monitor My Health has been helping her and other communities of color stay healthy.
Dr. Dana Wade says diabetes is the leading cause of non-traumatic leg amputation among Black Americans, who are four times more likely to suffer a heart attack because of the illness.
Ranger says she has been able to stay healthy without needing insulin.
"What he offers is very great for the community…if you are willing to make a change in your life,” said Ranger. “But many people are not willing to change their diet."
"We meet people where they are and we meet them in an environment where they feel comfortable in the community…in churches, houses of worship," said Wade.
He says a big part of staying healthy is avoiding stress.
If you would like to donate to Monitor My Health, follow this link.