Monroe man back in Connecticut recovering from stroke thanks to support of community

A Monroe man fighting to get his life back is finally closer to home.
Christopher Stead, 20, suffered a stroke in July while studying for a business career in Oregon.
"The doctors do not know why it happened. That first day when we walked in and we saw the indentation in his skull as opposed to his swelling, that was shocking," said his mother Sandy Kydd-Stead.
Kydd-Stead and friends set up a GoFundMe page to get him back home. The air ambulance he had to be transported in cost $35,000. The GoFundMe raised over $38,000 from over 400 people.
"Thank you to everyone that contributed," said Kydd-Stead.
On Oct. 19, Stead touched down in Connecticut.
"When he was through those doors it was just a wave of relief. I made it to Connecticut. We're home," said Kydd-Stead.
Stead is now being cared for at The Hospital for Special Care in New Britain.
"He's coming along slowly. He is," said Kydd-Stead.
His mother drives an hour to see him every day. She's still in disbelief that her youngest son - the picture of health and an Eagle Scout - has to fight this medical condition every day.
"We are going to believe in a miracle, and Christopher is going to have a full recovery," said Kydd-Stead.
Despite his progress, doctors say Stead is expected to spend a long time recovering in New Britain.
Kydd-Stead says her son's former Rite Aid co-workers have also been visiting him on a regular basis.