Neighbors: Harding High School causing parking issues

Neighbors say the new Harding High School on Bond Street is leaving them with no place to park.
City engineers say 'No Parking' signs were placed along the road because it's not safe for kids to walk on the sidewalk with cars coming in and out to park all day. 
Neighbors say the signs have led to a parking nightmare, with cars blocking driveways due to a lack of spaces.
They also say the signs went up about three weeks ago with no notice, and that the spots they used to depend on are gone. 
Residents say they're willing to compromise and only park after school hours.
City officials say they want to widen the street and create angled spots for more parking. 
That solution, though, is at least a year and a half away, according to the mayor's office.
This weekend, the city is banning all parking on the street so that crews can repave the road.