Neighbors: Wild coyote terrorizing Cove area of Stamford

A wild coyote is terrorizing a Stamford neighborhood, taking pets, and showing no fear around humans, according to residents who live there.

News 12 Staff

Dec 8, 2020, 6:50 PM

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Residents say a wild coyote is terrorizing a Stamford neighborhood, taking pets and showing no fear around humans.
The animal has been caught on home surveillance video on numerous occasions in the Cover area of Stamford. 
Stamford resident Karen Danks says her dog Dakota was attacked by the coyote and that she hit the wild animal with a shovel after it had her dog in its mouth.
"I took the shovel, and I hit the coyote with the shovel. It let the dog go, then it followed me to the door. I took the shovel and threw it at the coyote," Danks says.
Danks says the coyote has even chased people, and that one person jumped into a mail truck to get away from the coyote while another jumped inside their work vehicle.
Police say neighbors in the area have reported several sightings and encounters with the aggressive coyote.
Elaine Parruccini also lives in the neighborhood, and she says people are afraid to walk their dogs.
Danks says a pet owner's dog was recently taken by the coyote.
Stamford Animal Control officer Tilford Cobb says coyote sightings are common in Stamford.
"I think it's a young coyote that just moved into the area, or a pup that's growing up and venturing out and looking for food," Cobb says.
Officials say they are advising residents in the area to use extreme caution. They recommend never to approach a coyote and to keep an eye on all pets and children.
If residents spot a coyote, police say they should call 911 immediately.
The Stamford Police Department and Stamford Animal Control are working to locate and remove the coyote.
Cobb says officials had laid traps for the coyote and plan on relocating it once caught.
"We have to be cautious with our pets. We need to make sure we're not leaving our pets outside unattended. Keep them on a leash at all times," Cobb says.

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