New app enables Stamford Public Schools parents to track their kids' bus

Parents in Stamford Public Schools will be able to track their child's bus with a new app, but some routes may be unavailable because of the bus driver shortages.
Stamford Public Schools says there are already 300 families using the FirstView app, accessible via smart phone. However, the district says it is already aware that it won't be able to provide full services to everyone, especially with the ongoing bus driver shortage.
"It's not just a Stamford issue, but the issue for many districts in Connecticut and really across the country," said Michael Fernandes, of Stamford Public Schools.
But despite the shortage, the district is working to make it easier for parents to track their kids' buses through FirstView.
The school gave a brief tutorial Thursday night on Zoom.
Once the app is downloaded, parents can click their state, then select their district. They will need to register an account, log in and type their child's student ID in.
Some parents say they are in favor of the app and having the ability to track their children's school buses' location and estimated arrival and departure times. But with bus driver shortages, parents are advised to be aware of some kinks.
"We are anticipating that there might be routes, there might be days, there might be weeks, there might be even buses where we will not be able to provide the tracking for the entire school year," Fernandes warns.
Stamford Public Schools says with winter coming and the possibility of inclement weather days, the app will improve communication with students and families.
They also plan on launching the app on Nov. 10.