New Haven police chief recommends firing of 4 officers involved in Randy Cox case

New Haven Police Chief Karl Jacobson is recommending the firing of four of the five officers involved in the Randy Cox case.
The recommendation comes after a nine-month investigation.
The fifth officer, Ronald Pressley, retired in January and two other officers will face lesser disciplinary actions.
"We will be transparent and we will be accountable and we will hold our officers accountable," said Jacobson.
Officers Luis Rivera, Jocelyn Lavandier, Oscar Diaz, Ronald Pressley and Sgt. Betsy Segui have been on administrative leave since June 2022 and were arrested in November. They have pleaded not guilty to reckless endangerment and cruelty misdemeanors in mistreating Cox, who was partially paralyzed in a police van.
Last June, officials say Diaz slammed on his brakes to avoid a collision. Cox flew head-first into a metal partition as a result.
Police video shows officers dragging Cox out of the van by his feet at the police station.
Cox's mother says this news is what the family has been waiting for.
"It was like something that we was waiting for. It's one of the steps, but we still got a whole lot more to go. And Randy, he kind of understands it, but he's still processing it too. He's waiting to see what's really happening," said Doreen Coleman.
New Haven Mayor Justin Elicker says he stands with the police chief's decision.
"What happened was totally unacceptable and so I stand by the chief and his decision," said Elicker.
The Cox's family attorney Ben Crump released a statement saying, "Randy and his family are encouraged that these officers are being held accountable for their actions resulting in Randy's horrific, life-altering injuries. We are hopeful that the city and police department understand that their actions and lack thereof played a critical role in Randy's permanent and life-changing condition. These officers were sworn to protect their community, but they inflicted unnecessary and traumatizing harm to Randy, who will pay the price for the rest of his life. Randy prays everyday that he can get into a facility that can provide him the care that he needs to live life to the fullest as a quadriplegic individual."
The four officers will have hearings before the Board of Police Commissioners at the end of April. The board will then vote on the final disciplinary action.