New Haven police take down Yale students' encampment amid pro-Palestinian protests

Pro-Palestinian protests have popped up on campuses across the country, including in Connecticut.

Mark Sudol

Apr 30, 2024, 7:00 PM

Updated 29 days ago


More than 50 police officers moved pro-Palestinian protesters from an encampment at the heart of Yale’s campus.
Students who were camped out at what’s known as Cross Campus were moved to the sidewalk while police removed tents. They said police told them if they did not leave the camp they would be arrested. No arrests were made.
Yale University released a statement Tuesday saying in part, "Yale fully supports peaceful protests and freedom of speech; however, claiming control of our shared space is inconsistent with our principles and values. The university does not tolerate the violation of its longstanding policies."
When News 12 Connecticut asked students if they plan on holding any further demonstrations Tuesday they declined to comment.

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