New poll shows Himes pull ahead in 4th District race

A new poll shows Democratic challenger Jim Himes pulling ahead of Rep. Chris Shays (R) in the Fourth District congressional race.
The poll, conducted by SurveyUSA, has Himes ahead with 48 percent to Shays' 45 percent. This is the first time the numbers have been this close in the race.
A poll released by Sacred Heart last week showed Shays ahead with a 10-point lead.
Himes says he's happy with the new numbers, but will continue working hard through Nov. 4. Shays acknowledges the race is close, but argues internal polls show he is still leading.
According to Fairfield professor Kurt Schlichting, a poll this close can have a positive impact on an election.
"What I think a real close poll can do is galvanize people to come out and vote, because it looks like your vote might matter," says Schlichting.
Survey USA