New 'Select Bus Service' to replace BX 12 Limited

The Metropolitan Transportation Authorities introduces the new ?Select Bus Service,? which will replace the BX 12 Limited beginning Sunday.
The new system, which the MTA calls the ?future of surface transportation? in New York City, is designed to save time by having riders pay for their ticket at the bus stop.
The new buses can also communicate with traffic lights to get them through an intersection before the light turns red.
?We've got to have better functioning bus lanes,? says Ted Orosz, Select Service project manager. ?We've got to have a faster fare collection system; we've got to have traffic signal priority so we're really testing all of these technologies here at this time.?
Bronx riders say they are looking forward to trying out the new service.
?Let's see if it works,? says Miriam Gomez, who often takes the BX 12. ?I will be one of them that will follow the rules, buy my ticket and get on the bus.?
Inspectors will be checking buses every day, and those who will be caught without a ticket receipt will be fined $100.
Arlene Browder, of Pelham Bay, says that she frequently witnesses people getting on the bus through the back door without paying. She hopes the new service will put a stop to that.
In additional to the new buses and fare-collection terminlas, the MTA has also signed and painted bus lanes red. The entire public transportation improvement package cost the MTA around $10 million.