New state-of-the-art Fairfield home built to withstand storms

A new state-of-the-art house in Fairfield is being built to be storm proof and sustainable.
A hard hat tour was given Wednesday of the new home that's currently under construction.
Located along Ash Creek, the house's structure is made up of insulated concrete forms instead of wood framing.
Architect Leigh Overland says the materials used help the home be more energy efficient and able withstand storms and floods.
"I'm just so excited about getting better architecture out there, obviously the aesthetics, but more importantly, a home that is healthy, fireproof, storm proof, high efficiency, this will save 50% to 70% on your energy bills. This is the transformation, this is where we're going in the future," Overland says.
Overland says he is training other builders so they can build similar houses in the future.
The home is slated to be completed in early spring.