HEAT ALERT: New Yorkers trying to stay cool ahead of hot & humid conditions

The high temperatures continue in the city with a heat advisory issued until 8 p.m. Tuesday.
The potential triple digit temperatures and humidity are considered risky conditions for workers, especially for those working outside.
Some things to keep in mind for outside workers is that construction sites that have a lot of metal and other reflective surfaces can be a hazard. These can get very hot under the blazing sun.
Wearing protective gear such as hats and light colored-clothing, as well as sunscreen, can all help in avoiding sunburn.
The Salvation Army has teamed up with the New York City Emergency Management to offer free cooling centers in Tremont, Bay Ridge and Bedford Temple. People can pop in, cool down, use the bathrooms and get some water before continuing on their day. The Bay Ridge location allows people to bring their pets in to cool off from the heat.