Newtown animal sanctuary named for Sandy Hook victim resumes educational programs

The Catherine Violet Hubbard Animal Sanctuary in Newtown will once again offer educational programs on a regular basis.
The sanctuary is named after one of the Sandy Hook victims, who loved animals.
"It was her passion, her commitment," says her mother, Jenny Hubbard.
Hubbard says the little girl would make a promise to the animals that "she was going to keep them safe and protect them always."
Catherine Hubbard died in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
Her parents founded the sanctuary in her honor. The 34-acre property is home to wildlife, walking trails, meadows and more.
During the pandemic, hosting educational programs became a challenge. Now, on Sunday, the classes will open to full capacity again.
This Sunday's lesson will take place at the pollinator garden.
"Kids will have nets and they will be sweeping in the meadows," says Hubbard. "Whatever butterflies they catch will be tagged and then released."
State Sen. Tony Hwang, who was instrumental in helping the parents gain the land, wants people to come out with their families and "have moments of reflection and connectedness."
Hubbard says the reopening will allow them to share Catherine's message of being kind to all creatures.
To attend Sunday's class, you will need to register here.