Newtown DPW crews prepare for Wednesday's winter storm

Department of Public Works crews across the state are preparing for the snow and sleet that is expected to fall Wednesday morning.
News 12 Connecticut's Caren Pinto was at a DPW in Newtown with a look at how crews are preparing for Wednesday's storm.
They say the sand and salt mix provides a bit more grit on the roads.
Crews will be out in the morning salting and sanding the roads to make sure there are better for driving conditions for residents.
They want to remind people to be careful when out on the roads, especially on any bridges that have the possibility to freeze over faster.
Some residents went out to their local stores to pick up last-minute storm prep supplies, like shovels and salt.
Newtown Hardware Store says usually by this time of year they are nearly sold out of snow shovels, but because of the unseasonably high weather, they have plenty in stock for Wednesday's storm.
"Shovels have been by the door all winter long, snow blowers been primed and tuned and stocked in the driveway, so we're ready for it," said Shaun Hannah, of Newtown.