'No system is perfect.’ Fairfield professor discusses what would happen if election ends up in court

News 12's Suzanne Goldklang talks to Fairfield University professor Dr. Gayle Alberda about what would happen if the election ends up in court.

News 12 Staff

Nov 5, 2020, 7:53 PM

Updated 1,317 days ago


As ballots continue to be counted across the U.S., many are wondering what will happen if the results end up in court. Fairfield University professor Dr. Gayle Alberda is sharing her thoughts on what would happen if that happens.
"No system is perfect, and having the cases brought forth are procedural to help us understand the intent of the law," Alberda says.
Meanwhile, some voters just want a decision now, while others say they don't mind being patient.
Sacred Heart University's Dr. Gary Rose says he's troubled by the fact that there's talks of lawsuits in multiple states.
"What that does is, it casts a cloud over whoever wins the presidency. And casts a cloud over the inauguration of our next president. Because in the back of the minds of many voters, it's probably going to perceived that presidency is the result of having very effective election lawyers as opposed to a presidency that was brought into existence based on the will of the people," Rose says.

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