Norwalk CPA offers tips for last-minute tax filing as deadline approaches

Mark Cody of Abreu CPA in Norwalk says not to worry if you haven't filed your taxes yet ahead of the midnight deadline.
Cody says your best bet is to just file an extension if you haven't filed your taxes yet.
"That gives people an automatic six months to gather all their tax information to come in and get their taxes done," Cody says.
Cody says the extension does not give you an extra six months to pay.
When filing for an extension, Cody says you should make a best estimate of the amount you need to pay to help lessen any interest charges and possibly reduce penalties.
If you think you might owe the government money, Cody says you don't have to shell it out all at once.
"You can file and put it on an installment basis," he says.
The government offers a six-year plan, but you can pay it more quickly if you'd like.
Cody says those looking for quick refunds should always file electronically opposed to by mail.
Those still looking to file by mail need their returns postmarked by today's date, Cody says.
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The deadline to file an extension is also midnight tonight.