Norwalk gets ready for heavy flooding

The Norwalk Department of Public Works is preparing for potentially serious flooding Friday and urges homeowners to take precautions.
Crews within the department are working to remove debris from storm drains and patch up cracks in some of the roads. They are hoping to avoid the problems associated with last year's nor'easter. Last April's storm brought clogged pipes, flooded basements and closed roads.
Public works managers say while the city is doing its part, homeowners must do the same.
Superintendent Chris Okafor says that if residents are worried about flooding, sump pumps or catch basins near their homes, they can call the department for help.Municipal crews in Darien are preparing as well, after a strip of stores suffered terribly from flooding last April and October. Some closed for good and others reopened, but with caution.
This time Darien is armed with pumps because city officials say sometimes the drains can?t keep up. Some blame poor drainage for last year?s flooding. The town does have a backup pump just in case.
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