Proposed O&G Industries expansion along Nowalk River prompts concerns from residents

The company says the proposal would mean that two or three barges containing sand or stone would come to the site each week.

Mark Sudol

Jun 12, 2024, 10:59 AM

Updated 36 days ago


The proposed expansion of O&G Industries in Norwalk has prompted a slew of opinions from local residents.
O&G Industries, a provider of construction services and products in the Northeast, says it wants to expand the use of its property along the Norwalk River to manufacture and store materials.
"I've grown up in this whole area," said John DiScala from Norwalk, a critic of the proposed expansion. "This area has been neglected for the last 30 years. I've seen it pretty much come up and I just don't want to see it knocked back down again."
According to DiScala, trucks driving through the area along the riverfront would cause a safety issue for pedestrians.
O&G says the proposal would mean the arrival of two or three barges a week, carrying sand or stone to the site. The materials would be taken off the barges and unloaded into 40-60 trucks that would be delivered to construction sites across Fairfield County.
"I understand people need jobs and that's very understandable – but we love to walk here," said Talya Eriksen from Norwalk.
Neighbors told News 12 that they are concerned about the environmental impact and truck traffic. Others don't agree.
"This is the City of Norwalk and we do need some commercial export, import spots to keep the cost down for the consumers around," said Ken Lametta, of Lametta & Sons Construction. "If everybody has to move out of Norwalk and go to Bridgeport, Stratford, Milford…it's going to effect the consumer in the long run."
A public hearing scheduled for June 20 at 6 p.m. in the Norwalk Common Council Chambers. Those planning to attend can also do so virtually.
Steve Kleppin, Norwalk's Planning and Zoning director, had no comment about the proposal. An attorney for O&G also had no comment for News 12.

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