Norwalk residents share their New Year’s resolution

Norwalk residents welcomed the new year and reflected Monday on the new year’s resolution.
While some are hoping that 2024 will be a year of health and wellness, others are hoping for a year of traveling.
"To travel more and to feel more relaxed as I'm traveling. I tend to stress up, so to actually be relaxed as I'm traveling would be my biggest goal," said one resident.
Rebecca Waryold is focusing her resolution on visiting new places and making time for relaxation.
"Definitely to stay in the gym more, eat healthier, and travel as much as I possibly can," she said.
Silvia Ramirez is planning for a year full of healthy habits.
Others hoped to be more in tune with their faith, and for positivity.
All of the resolutions shared a common goal: To make positive memories and self-improvement.